What is the cheapest gym to join?

What is the cheapest gym to join? 

Five most affordable gym memberships
  1. Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness advertises itself as a gym for people who don’t like gyms, with ads referring to every Planet Fitness location as a “Judgement Free Zone.”
  2. Cardinal Fitness.
  3. Your Local YMCA.
  4. Gold’s Gym.
  5. LA Fitness.

Do crunch memberships work at all locations? Signature locations membership options include one-club, all Crunch Signature locations in a metro area, or all Crunch locations nationwide.

How do I cancel my membership to Crunch? 

How to cancel Crunch Gym
  1. Call customer service on (866) 428-9664.
  2. Enter the phone number you’re calling from.
  3. Provide the representative with your account number and ask them to cancel your membership.

How many locations does Crunch Fitness have? 


How much is a gym membership?

The average cost of a monthly gym membership is $37.71. The average cost ranges from $31.00 to $44.42. Budget gym membership prices range from $40.00 to $70.00 per month. High-end gym memberships range from $55.00 to $80.00 per month.

What are guest privileges at Crunch?

UNLIMITED GUEST PRIVILEGES – The ability to bring a friend EACH time you work out FOR FREE! For the next 100 enrollments this week we are including this awesome feature at our peak membership for $19.95. (regularly only with our $29.95 membership).

How many Crunch locations are there in the US?

There are a total of 325 crunch locations in United States as of April 26, 2021 The state with the most number of CRUNCH FITNESS locations in the United States is New York with 14 locations, which is 5% of all crunch locations in United States.

What gym has the most locations?

Anytime Fitness:

This is my top pick for gym chains for travelers. You’ll have access to more than 3,000 locations worldwide, more than any other chain.

What company owns Crunch Fitness?

Crunch Fitness looks to expand its franchised and corporate owned facilities with investment from new ownership in private equity firm TPG Growth.

Where is Crunch Fitness headquarters?

New York, NY
Crunch Fitness / Headquarters

Who is the CEO of Crunch Fitness?

Keith Worts (Jan 10, 2013–)
Crunch Fitness / CEO

When did Crunch become a franchise?

Crunch is a gym franchise that encourages patrons to work out in a fun environment. With signature group workout sessions that blend entertainment and hard work, the gym franchise has welcomed diverse groups through its doors since opening and beginning to franchise in 2010.

What is Crunch vision?

our mission has been to make working out a good time. Today, we are renowned for creating one-of-a-kind group fitness classes and unique programming for our wildly diverse members. With this much going on, Crunch is more than a gym.

How many Crunch Fitness locations are there in Canada?

How many Crunch Fitness locations are there in CANADA? There are a total of 27 crunchfitness locations in CANADA as of April 26, 2021 The state with the most number of Crunch Fitness locations in the CANADA is Hamilton with 3 locations, which is 13% of all crunchfitness locations in CANADA.

Can I cancel my Crunch membership online?

You will have to click on the “Contact Us” tab. After clicking on Contact Us, you will be taken to a new web page, where you will have to fill in your Crunch Gym Cancellation request details. Make sure you also choose a valid cancellation reason, as there will be a drop-down list with potential reasons.

How do you do crunches correctly?

How to do a basic crunch
  1. Lie down on your back. Plant your feet on the floor, hip-width apart. Bend your knees and place your arms across your chest. Contract your abs and inhale.
  2. Exhale and lift your upper body, keeping your head and neck relaxed.
  3. Inhale and return to the starting position.

Does Crunch Fitness have squat racks?

What is this? Crunch also has squat racks and deadlift platforms, and you can usually find at least five or six of each at most clubs.

How many times can I bring the same guest to crunch?


Each member, subject to their membership type, may bring one (1) guest (local resident) per 24 hour period. This guest will be required to register at the desk and be under the complete supervision and guidance of an instructor.

How heavy are the bars at crunch?

The Standard Barbell

In most commercial gyms around the country, you’ll find a flat, rigid barbell that’s usually about 7 feet long, or a few inches longer. Commonly made from American steel, these bars usually weigh 45 pounds, or about 20.5 kilograms.

Is a gym membership worth it?

If you’re ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle and find room in your budget, signing up for a gym membership may bring great value. It can even save you money in the long run despite the short-term sting of an additional monthly bill.

How do people afford gym memberships?

How To Afford a Gym Membership:
  1. Use your health insurance.
  2. Ask about Silver Sneakers.
  3. Check with your work to see if they provide one.
  4. Get a family membership.
  5. Ask for scholarships at the YMCA.
  6. Ask for discounts if paid up front for a year.
  7. Use free month promotions.
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