How much does Sandbox VR cost?

How much does Sandbox VR cost? How much is a ticket? Our prices are $49.99 – $54.99 per person Monday to Sunday. Your mixed reality videos showing your group outside and inside VR are included free of charge!

How long does Sandbox VR last? Now, at a Sandbox VR theater location, you can enjoy a 30-minute, full-body, free-roam, virtual-reality experience.

Can you visit sandbox in VR? Sandbox is a futuristic VR experience for groups of up to 6 where you can see and physically interact with everyone inside, just like the real world. Inspired by Star Trek’s Holodeck, our exclusive worlds let you feel like you’re living inside a game or movie, and are built by EA, Sony, and Ubisoft veterans.

How many locations does Sandbox VR have? Sandbox VR currently operates 12 retail locations in the U.S., Canada and Asia. The global location-based virtual reality market is projected to reach $26.3 billion by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 32.9% from 2021 to 2028, based on a report by Verified Market Research.

What do you wear to a VR sandbox?

We recommend that you dress in light, comfortable clothing. This is an active experience, so wear something that won’t restrict your ability to move around the space.

Who owns Sandbox VR?

Hong Kong based virtual reality start-up Sandbox VR plans to expand to 40 locations around the globe, more than tripling the 12 shops it already has, in a rebound after Covid-19 pushed it into bankruptcy, company founder and CEO Steve Zhao said in an interview with the South China Morning Post.

Where is sandbox headquarters located?

SANDBOX NETWORK’s headquarters is located at Seomyoo Center, WeWork Building, 15F, Seoul.

Is there a sandbox VR in Atlanta?

Full-body VR with friends

Sandbox VR Atlanta is opening soon! Sign up to get early access.

How many employees does sandbox have?

Company Growth (employees)
Employees (est.) (Aug 2022) 148 (+5%)
Job Openings 33
Website Visits (May 2022) 405.2 k
Cybersecurity rating A More

How old do you have to be for sandbox VR?

age is 12 years old but it is dependant on the parents! However, participants need to be at least 1.2m tall due to the equipment and tracking issues.

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