Do you have to pay a toll on the San Mateo bridge?

Do you have to pay a toll on the San Mateo bridge? The San Mateo-Hayward Bridge crosses the San Francisco Bay along State Route 92 (SR-92) and links the cities of Foster City and Hayward. Drivers pay tolls in the westbound direction on the eastern side of the bridge.

How much does it cost to cross the San Mateo bridge? 


Is San Mateo bridge longer than Bay Bridge? 

The bridge’s western end is in Foster City, a suburb on the eastern edge of San Mateo. The eastern end of the bridge is in Hayward. It is the longest bridge in California and the 25th longest in the world by length.

San Mateo–Hayward Bridge
Designer Caltrans, Bay Toll Crossings Division

How do you pay for San Mateo-Hayward Bridge? There are four ways to pay bridge tolls: FasTrak®, License Plate Account, One-Time Payment, and Invoice. Tolls on all Seven Bay Area state owned bridges have increased as of January 1, 2022. For more information, click here(opens in a new window).

How do I pay Bay Bridge toll without FasTrak?

There are three ways to pay Bay Bridges toll without FasTrak: License Plate Account. One-Time Payment. Toll Invoice.

Toll Invoice

  1. Online.
  2. Over the phone at 877-229-8655)
  3. By mail at FasTrak Violations, PO Box 26925, San Francisco, CA 94126.
  4. By visiting a Cash Payment Location.

Can you pay Bay Bridge toll with debit card?

It’s only cash or FasTrak, which you have to prepay with a credit or debit card.

Do you pay both ways on the Bay Bridge?

There are 8 toll bridges in the Bay Area. All the bridges only collect tolls one way.

Does Costco still sell FasTrak?

Costco and Walgreens sell FasTrak toll tags. For a list of retail store locations selling toll tags, please visit the Get FasTrak page.

Can you pay cash at the Bay Bridge?

In mid-March the authority eliminated the cash option, on a temporary basis, at the Bay Bridge and all tolling facilities in the state to eliminate interaction between drivers and toll collectors and to promote social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

What happens if you don’t pay Bay Bridge toll?

The following is a schedule of toll evasion penalties: First notice issued: toll plus $25 penalty. Second (delinquent) notice issued: toll plus $70 ($25 penalty plus $45 late fee). If the toll is paid within 15 days, the penalty is reduced to $25.

How much does Bay Bridge cost?

Bridge Facts At-A-Glance
Location: Interstate 80, between San Francisco and Alameda counties
Cost: 1936 Structure: $77 million (including the Transbay Transit Terminal) 2013 Structure (Just the Eastern Span): $6.4 billion
Auto Toll: $7 Weekday Peak Carpools: $3.50
Collection: One way, westbound, in Oakland

Does Bay Bridge take credit cards?

Your license plate number will be used to link your vehicle to your payment. A One-Time Payment can be made online with a credit card or by cash, check or money order at Cash Payment Locations*.

Can you pay with debit card at toll Gate?

Accepted payment methods

Debit Cards NOT accepted as a method of payment for any class of vehicle.

How do I pay the Bay Bridge toll in Maryland?

With cashless toll collection, there’s no slowing or stopping to pay tolls. Instead, motorists pay tolls at highway speed via E-ZPass, Pay-By-Plate or Video Tolling. Benefits include increased safety, less engine idling and better fuel efficiency.

Does the Bay Bridge take credit cards?

A One-Time Payment can be made online with a credit card or by cash, check or money order at Cash Payment Locations*.

Can you pay Florida tolls with a debit card?

If you sign up for Easy Pay and link a credit or debit card to your SunPass, you can use it to pay parking fees at the Tampa, Miami, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, Orlando and Palm Beach airports. The SunPass Mini, aside from tolls, is also good for SunPass Plus parking. It works in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina.

How do visitors pay tolls in Florida?

With Visitor Toll Pass, there is no service fee and you will be charged the lowest toll rate (electronic rate) on toll roads throughout Florida. When reserving your Visitor Toll Pass™ through the smartphone app, you will pay a $10 deposit which will be used towards your toll transactions.

What happens if you go through SunPass without a pass?

If you travel in a managed lane without a SunPass or any other Florida accepted transponder, you will be subject to a $25 daily violation charge. SunPass is Florida’s Prepaid Toll Program and is the preferred method of payment for tolls.

Are Florida tolls cash only?

Contents. Tolls in Florida can be paid via tags, cash and video toll by plate as well. But do note that not all the three methods are available such as SunPass, E-Pass, Leeway, GIBA Toll Pass, Cash or TOLL-BY-PLATE. However, please note that not all the payment methods are acceptable on all the toll facilities.

Can I use my E-ZPass in Florida?

E-ZPass is a multi-state electronic toll pass that works in states from North Carolina to Maine and west to Illinois, and now in the entire state of Florida. If your transponder is part of the E-ZPass Group (I-PASS, RiverLink Portable, NC Quick Pass Portable), your toll pass is accepted on CFX roadways.

What state has the most toll roads?

Texas has 66 toll roads, the highest of any state, and Ohio, Kansas, Maine, Florida, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Alaska, Iowa and Missouri all have only one. Illinois has the sixth-highest toll way mileage of any state with toll roads.

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