Do they wash clothes at Plato’s Closet?

Do they wash clothes at Plato’s Closet? We do not wash clothing as we purchase it but we do accept items in ready to wear condition. We are particularly picky on the cleanliness of the items accepted but we like to remind shoppers to give their items a wash once they get them home.

What sizes does Platos Closet take? Plato’s Closet typically buys girls’ clothes size 0 – 30 and boys’ clothes 28 – 42.

How long does it take for Plato’s Closet to go through your clothes? Expect to wait at least 30 minutes for them to look through your clothes. Since you gave them your number you don’t have to wait in the store for them to be ready.

Do you need ID for Plato’s Closet? Be sure your apparel items are clean and in good condition — no stains, fading, or excessive wear. We typically buy current styles and trends. You’ll need to bring an ID with you.

What does Platos Closet pay for jeans?

In my experience, Plato’s Closet pays approximately $8 per item on average when consigning clothes and shoes.

Does Platos Closet pay well?

Hourly pay at Plato’s Closet ranges from an average of $8.25 to $16.43 an hour. Plato’s Closet employees with the job title Retail Store Manager make the most with an average hourly rate of $15.20, while employees with the title Sales Associate make the least with an average hourly rate of $9.75.

Does Platos Closet have Lululemon?

Store Hours

We have all the name brands and styles you love at up to 70% less than regular retail prices. We look for brands such as Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters, Patagonia, Lululemon, American Eagle, Free People, Nike, Adidas, Champion many many more

Does Platos Closet buy prom dresses?

If you’re hoping to make money off your old prom dress, Plato’s Closet is the place to go! Plato’s Closet is a resale store that buys and sells lightly used, on-trend clothing for teenagers. Bring your prom dress in and earn quick cash!

Does Platos Closet take purses?

STEP TWO: Pack your items!

No plastic/garbage bags or loose items. We also accept shoes, purses, backpacks, jewelry, and hats! We purchase all seasons, all year round so you can bring us last years styles or items you’re done wearing for the season. If you have any questions about what we do accept, give us a call!

Does Platos take Bralettes?

Melissa Harrison‎Plato’s Closet

Generally we do not take bathing suits, and we do not accept bras.

Does Platos Closet take Old Navy?

We have all the name brands and styles you love at up to 70% less than regular retail prices. We look for brands such as Nike, American Eagle, Lululemon, Old Navy and more. Want to make some extra cash fast? Plato’s Closet pays cash on the spot for gently used items that are in current style and in great condition.

Does Platos Closet take Gymshark?

YES! We love brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Lululemon, Gym Shark, Reebok, etc. PLEASE do not be offended when we pass on your items!!! Some items might be a style that does not sell well for us, or might have too much wear and tear to resell.

Does Platos Closet accept Apple Pay?

We provide a contactless phone app to check-in buys and will text you when your buys are completed. We encourage cash free transactions and support touch free transactions such as ApplePay and contactless cards.

Who owns Plato’s Closet?

Winmark Corporation owns five franchise-based retail companies that focus on used goods: Music Go Round (musical instruments), Once Upon a Child (children’s clothes and toys), Plato’s Closet (adolescent and young adult clothes), Play It Again Sports (sports equipment), and Style Encore (women’s clothing).

What is Plato’s Closet return policy?


Full refund on any apparel within seven days, with tags attached and the original receipt. No refunds on clearance items or accessories such as shoes, handbags, jewelry, camis, leggings, etc.

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